It started innocently enough when a colleague acknowledged another colleague for taking extraordinary measures to “Get” a project completed.  In time, the practice of staff recognizing staff as “Go Getters” became ritual.  Eventually, a symbolic GOAT award appeared and the legend of the GOAT was born.  According to Wikipedia, a GOAT is recognition for being the “Greatest Of All Time” in a particular skill at a defined time.  Today, our success can be highlighted by strategic thinking, but we are differentiated in the eyes of our clients by our execution, delivered each and every day by a small army of “Go Getters.”


With a devastating technology crash in our rear and a global agency pedigree deep in technology and lifestyle, we launched Trevelino/Keller in 2003, confident in our ability to build a national boutique that would one day compete with some of those same global agencies that schooled us. More than a decade later, we are proud to own the industry’s #1 retention rate, humbled to have been one of the fastest growing firms in the country and excited to have successfully expanded our business into a digital public relations and marketing firm with a staff getting it done coast to coast. Looking in the rear today and all we see is amazing memories. Heading into the future, we couldn’t be more optimistic.


Atlanta (T/K HQ)
Brazil (Atlas)
London (Atlas)
Singapore (Atlas)
Dubai Media City (Atlas)


Atlas was our first venture, motivated by our interest in serving clients with an international footprint and grounded in partner boutiques that worked as aggressively and purposefully as we do. More important, they each operate with a greater sense of responsiveness than an office of a multi-national.

  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East
  • South America


It’s so easy to get caught up in a life of priorities – work, relationship, family.  Next thing you know, another week, another month, another year.  We acknowledge that we’re a catalyst for people’s work ethic, keeping your head down and “Getting It Done.”  However, we also know you have to get out from behind the desk and X-Plor.  That’s the impetus for the program.  Pick a country, a community or a culture you want to explore and we’ll underwrite some or all of that excursion.  See where our T/K X-Plor-ers have explored.  It’s very cool.


What do awards mean to us? Like many in our industry, we believe awards validate performance, and so we would be hypocritical if we didn’t participate since we advocate award programs to our clients. Maybe that’s why we’ve won more than 100 awards or approximately 80 percent of what we enter. Like everything we do though, we want to be thoughtful and less traditional in our approach, starting with the fact that we don’t participate in those awards hosted by our industry association. That’s not intended to ignore the importance of those organizations or media outlets, all of which we support in other ways. Instead we look for those award programs that offer us the opportunity to measure our success in a wide range of marketing communications segments, whether it’s a media stunt, website design, mobile application or digital campaign. We mix it up to see just how good we are and then we celebrate … without the pomp and circumstance, but rather internal admiration.


As a small business, your ability to give is limited by your resources. Nevertheless, there’s no shortage of companies that could benefit significantly by even a small contribution. And so that’s the mission of GreenWorks@Work.

Each quarter our staff breaks into teams charged with researching and selecting an organization in need. The team is given a financial stipend (green cash from our hard work), and is challenged to find an organization that meets at least two of our criteria — youth, education, health, wellness, children, environment. To date, we have contributed more than $50,000 to a number of well-regarded or under-the-radar organizations doing amazing things to change a person’s quality of life.


Save the Children
Make It Right
City of Refuge


Atlanta Children’s Shelter
Power Over Prejudice
Wholesome Wave Georgia


Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Make A Wish Foundation
Live Healthy and Thrive Youth


Georgia Organics
American Heart Association
Living Water for Girls


GA Conservancy
Chattahoochee Nature Center
Captain Planet Foundation
Trees Atlanta


Keep Atlanta Beautiful
Fraternal Order of Police
Hands On Atlanta


Children’s Miracle Network
Health M Powers
VOX Teen Communications


Pace Academy
Urban Perform
Back to School Fun Fest
Schlechty Center
Youth Enhancement Services (YES)


Winepreneurs.Club is an invitation-only (sorry, but there must be enough grapes to go around) community gathering for Atlanta entrepreneurs and wine enthusiasts.We’ll banter about startups, acquisitions and new innovations while we network and connect in the spirit of fostering prosperity among the entrepreneur community.

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