Atlanta’s national position as a leader in payment processing, behind only New York and California, has fueled our growth in financial services. ย This fact, coupled with the strength of our long-standing technology position in the Southeast, and we are in the enviable position of becoming one of few fintech-rich firms in the region. ย Publicly traded or private, regional, national or international, vertically driven or enterprise focused, we had a diverse base of experience that resonates with a growing client base that’s increasingly focused on millennials, moms, blue collar and the underbanked. ย We’ve covered enough ground that you can “bank” on our ability to handle the challenge.

Industries Served

  • Alternative Lending
  • Banks
  • Commercial Lending
  • Credit Bureaus
  • Credit Unions
  • Factoring
  • Merchant Cash Ad
  • Payment Processing
  • Peer-to-Peer Payments
  • Tokenization

Trevelino/Keller’s Financial Services Practice is nationally ranked by industry pundits.