It’s In Our Wheelhouse


If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it 100 times. It’s in my “Wheelhouse.” In fact, you probably verbalized it a few times yourself over the years–client meetings, presentations, speeches, staff meetings. We’re glad you like it, because we think it’s a great brand for our broader mission to bring expertise together that selfishly makes us an “only stop solution” for any PR, Social or Marketing challenges. WheelhouseTK is not a whiteboard concept that we developed on Monday and launched on Tuesday. On the contrary, it’s an ongoing work in progress as we launch new initiatives, from Start-Up Council and X/pert Net to the recently launched Groovy Studios and Consume Brands.

Part of our inspiration is our own admission that Trevelino/Keller cannot be expert in all things that cross our desk. But what if we had a platform that made it easy to source experts in complementary service areas and made them feel right at home? Where collaborating wasn’t competitive but therapeutic, sustaining and rewarding, whether it comes in the form of gratis advice today or a sizable retainer tomorrow? Clients want the right skills assembled in a seamless fashion with less contracts, client contacts and agency management. It’s as if they’ve been asking for WheelhouseTK all along.


Jeff Faught, Brand Specialist

18 Years as Brand Strategist. Role as Creative Director. Web, Digital and Print Design. Marketing Agency Background.


Nancy Davis, Financial Specialist

24 Years in Investor Relations and Financial Consulting. Fortune 1000, Middle Market and Emerging Companies. CPA with Long-Standing BellSouth Career.


Andrew Dietz, Sales and Marketing Specialist

25 years in sales, marketing and executive coaching. Founder of Creative Growth Group and author of The Opening Playbook.


Sandra Moreland, Strategic Consulting

28 Years in PR. Senior Strategist. Two Global Agency Stints with Shandwick and Ogilvy. Tech Agency Innovator, Alexander Communications


Rachelle Kuramoto, Research Specialist

15 Years as Researcher/Content Strategist. Messaging Specialist. Primary and Secondary Research. Study Architecture and Data Analysis. Client Side Entrepreneurial. Global Agency Stint with Ogilvy.


John Otto, Programming Specialist

15 years as Interactive Designer & Programmer. Content Management Systems Solutions Expert. Mobile Technology Strategies. Project Work for UPS & ESPN.


Stacy Williams, SEO/PPC

Since 2001, Big Drum has provided custom internet marketing solutions that grow sales and revenue


Trish Nicolas, Marketing Strategist

26 years in Marketing, PR, Management and Executive Mentoring. Catalyst, Coach and Consulting CMO with TechCXO. Specialties in Messaging, Business Strategy and Management.


Leeman LeClair, Video Specialist

Shot, edited, and written scripts for over 200 commercials in addition to corporate videos, weddings, training videos and short documentaries.


Dale McIntyre, Mobile/Web Developer

18 yrs in Tech. Award winning app developer with 11 certifications from Microsoft, including Microsoft Certified Trainer. Featured in AJC as a “Technical Game Changer.”


Kevin Kemmerly, Web Developer

Over 15 years experience in web development/design and motion graphics. Specializing in front-end development and CMS-driven responsive websites and web apps.