As representatives of the nation’s largest wireless carrier, Trevelino/Keller’s main objective was to drive sales of devices and wireless services in a highly competitive, incessantly changing market.  For nearly 15 years T/K worked alongside Verizon Wireless to help launch new products and services direct to consumers. As an example, when Verizon Wireless launched its highly-anticipated Chocolate phone in 2006, T/K hosted an elegant “chef’s tasting” at an up-and-coming Atlanta restaurant, inviting the city’s top media tastemakers. Attendees were treated to the chef’s chocolate creations, then a grand finale of the new Chocolate phone (which they were able to demo onsite). Television, print and radio coverage of the device followed. Since then T/K has launched not only highly anticipated devices, but the wireless industry’s latest smart accessories and solutions — from pet trackers to home security devices and connectivity products to fitness bracelets. T/K hosts blogger events in stores, utilizes strategic social media campaigns to drive device adoption and continually educate the public regarding the changing landscape in wireless choices and the growing importance of the technology in our everyday lives.