In the midst of the automotive crisis in 2008, a start-up company out of Atlanta launched its Low Speed Electric Vehicle (LSV), the Wheego Whip. Deemed as the perfect third vehicle or the errands car, the Whip is a fully loaded two-passenger automobile with fit, finish and features that compete with any other subcompact car on the market. In preparation of the launch of the vehicle, T/K was challenged with convincing traditional automotive reporters to test drive an unreleased, all-electric LSV from an unnamed company, T/K wasa able to secure test drives with leading auto trade publications such as Autoweek, The Car Connection and AutomobileMag.com. Around the launch of the vehicle, T/K organized a coast-to-coast road show at current and potential dealers in key markets across the country. In each of these markets T/K also organized test drives with our target media, with a strong focus in San Francisco, New York and Detroit. T/K secured test-drives and coverage with leading national media such as USA Today, Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, Thomason Reuters, The Deal, Wired, Dow Jones Venture Wire and the New York Times.