Social media as an outsourced service has seen its ups and downs. Moved in-house more often because “we understand the voice better,” has its merits. Take note though — if you’re drinking and making the cool-aid, how do you know others will have a taste for it?


Sure, cats, dogs, babies, birthdays and the like crowd Facebook feeds. Yet, one in three retail shoppers who recently made a purchase discovered a new product on Facebook. Instagarm, the newer darling, influences 75% of user purchase decisions. Whatever you’re investing in your social, it’s not enough.


Like keywords for SEO, an effective organic social strategy must delivery on a consistent set of own able themes. 

Brands are complex and they have much to say.  Be diverse in your messaging mix, but also mindful of the pitfalls of randomness.

Are there other ways you identify your markets, ways that must be factored into your strategy and content.

We’re seeing changes on the status properties every several months.  We need to be on top of the trends to ensure we are aligning the brand appropriately.

Cadence is key, but it’s also what drives cost.  Content can be repurposed to an extent, but redundancy will impact negatively. 

Scale is important, but so is engagement.  We’ll track both and more with the industry’s best software.