Specialists On Call (SOC), a leader in hospital-based telemedicine, tasked Trevelino/Keller with a rebrand initiative that involved a new name, new logo, technology platform naming and a refresh to the overall brand design and color scheme. The goal, to modernize the brand and show a technology forward company that was no longer simply a telemedicine offering that excelled in staffing, but one that systematically optimizes how healthcare is delivered through a proprietary technology platform, an unparalleled clinician network and expertise and solutions in teleNeurology, telePsychiatry, teleICU and customized solutions based on a health organizations telemedicine needs. Working on a two-month timeline, T/K facilitated naming and messaging sessions, finalized a name that better aligned with the vision of the company – SOC Telemed, conceptualized the visual aspect of the brand, and developed updated company messaging.