Al Gore … remember him … recently posted that September 2016 is the warmest September on record.  So maybe it’s a good thing that Mr. Gore is reminding us that the environment still needs our undivided attention.  Nevertheless, it seems that unless green is your core business, the world at large has a tendency to embrace green when it’s convenient … truth be told. Granted, we’ve come a long way in the last 20 years.  Elon Musk has altered conventional wisdom on two fronts – electric cars and solar energy. Local food sourcing is no longer a trend, but the cost of doing business, despite factory farming’s stubbornness.

So while we have so very far to go, we remain committed to green companies, corporations looking for green, community-based platforms or associations with a green mission. As diverse as green is, we see it as a natural overlay to each of our seven practices, whether you have a clean tech, consumer goods, a franchise concept, a health play with a green upside or you’re in the business of manufacturing, we are eager to keep green front and center.

Industries Served

  • Associations
  • Automotive
  • Clean Tech
  • Conferences
  • Consumer Products
  • Energy
  • Home Construction
  • Office Supply
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Sustainability
  • Transportation

Our Experience

Trevelino/Keller’s Environmental Practice is nationally ranked by industry pundits.