Our focus is broad in the sense that we cover healthcare, health IT, health education, wellness and nutrition-based products and programs. Sadly, what we have to our advantage is a country wrought with health problems, compounded by a poorly educated population, an out-of-control factory farming machine, antiquated medical practices and a pharma-driven culture that believes prescription drugs will solve any and all maladies. Β Our health practice is focused on those organizations seriously interested in solving problems of health and wellness in America through traditional or non-traditional means. That includes leveraging technology when appropriate or sourcing solutions from the land before heart disease, diabetes and cancer consume our society.

Industries Served:

  • Associations
  • Government
  • Health Education
  • Health Food
  • Health IT
  • Health Prevention
  • Nutrition
  • Manufacturing
  • Mobile Applications
  • Retail

Our Experience

Trevelino/Keller’s Health Practice is nationally ranked by industry pundits.